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Phase 2:

Design & Engineering

Process: Planning & Design

We begin this phase with a kick-off meeting to present the complete scope of work for your project to our production team.  All subsequent activities align our design process and deliverables with your scope of work.  Examples of typical deliverables in this phase include:  

  • Site survey drawings
  • Design development drawings
  • 3-D renderings and models
  • Engineering reviews
  • Material samples and mock-ups
  • Scale study models
  • Bench prototypes
  • Full-scale/ working prototypes

Our project manager will be in regular communication with you to confirm that all project control documentation meets your expectations for compliance with the scope of work. The result of the Design & Engineering Phase is a set of shop drawings, approved for fabrication, which are fully reviewed for compliance with all safety, quality, performance, scheduling, and budget considerations before we begin ordering materials to prepare for fabrication.

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