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Full Steam Ahead

The Railroad Museum of Pennsylvania educates the public regarding the rich history of our local railroads, discovering their relevance in building the nation and the role of today’s railroads in our lives. USA is very fortunate to be a part of the first major renovation of the Museum’s exhibits in decades.

coming soon

With local design firm Gecko Group, the museum met the challenge of creating a narrative tying together such a large exhibit space, and fabricating pieces that are in line with the scale of the trains in the collection. After a comprehensive design build process, drawing input from many stakeholders, USA is well underway building many of the new experiences that will arrive this year.

coming soon2

Visitors will see major updates to the Main Lobby, Rolling Stock Hall, Stewart Junction and Steinman Station, with a new Orientation Exhibit, new Orientation Film. Families will find interactive exhibits and opportunities to learn and explore for all ages. ”Hotspots” throughout the museum will each have their own theme, content, and interactivity to explore everything from dining on the rails, to how trains work.